Analog synthesizer Roland custom integrated circuits

This list shows the different types of custom IC's in the audio path of the polyphonic analog synthesizers from Roland.
Where several models are grouped together, it's because they have identical or very similar voice architecture.

Model Oscillator VCF VCA Envelope BBD (chorus)
Juno-1/2 MKS-50 MB87123P-G IR3R05 M5241 Software generated none
Juno-6/60 Std. IC's IR3109 BA662 IR3R01 MN3009/MN3101
Juno-106 MC5534A A1QH800170 (see note) uPC1252H2 BA662 Software generated MN3009/MN3101
JX-3P Std. IC's IR3109 Discrete Software generated MN3009/MN3101
MKS-30 Std. IC's A1QH800170 (see note) BA662 Software generated MN3009/MN3101
JX-8P/10 MKS-70 Std. IC's IR3R05 M5241 Software generated MN3009/MN3101
MKS-80.1 Jupiter-6 CEM3340 IR3109 EHM-5226W83S MPC1252H2 CEM3360 BA662 Software generated none
MKS-80.2 IR3R03 IR3R05 MPC1252H2 CEM3360 BA662 Software generated none
Jupiter-4 Std. IC's IR3109 BA662 Std. IC's MN3004/MN3101
Jupiter-8 Std. IC's IR3109 BA662 IR3R01 none

Note: The A1QH800170 is a surface mounted module which contains the IR3109 filter